How to sell on ebay?

shopping-cartHi guys my first article will be about How to Make Money on Ebay as a new seller. A lot of people still do not know how to sell on eBay and I think it’s a great option for earning easy money. Below are just a few tips on how to sell on this platform successfully.

Open a seller account

The first step is to register yourself on eBay. Set up your seller account. Ensure you familiarize yourself with “how the portal works” so you can manage all options easy in the future.

Describe the item you want to sell

Take great photos of your item from different angles. It’s advisable that the products that you choose to sell are profitable online. You can sell anything on eBay that is legal. Use descriptive keywords to help others find your item. Make sure you name the brand of the item, it’s size, colour etc. That details are very often very important for buyers.

Choose your Price and postage

The pricing format is either fixed price or auction based. The seller will be given tips on pricing and how to post the item. Many sellers use auction type of listings to attract buyers and I think it works best at the moment. The shipping service and cost for your item will be provided.

Listing your item

Once your item is listed, it will be seen by many buyers and if your offer is good your product will be sold very fast. It’s really important to get good reviews from your buyers so your business can grow fast in the future.

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